The activities of the European Research Project UMOBILE under the H2020 framework program are close to completion. UMOBILE has provided significant work on information and communication networks, as well as their applications, to guarantee the Internet service availability in any occurrence where network connectivity is either intermittent or overloaded, such as an emergency situation.


On April 17th and 18th, the project results will be presented in a workshop in Italy, with the high patronage of the "Civil Protection Department of Umbria Region", in a worldwide recognized historical and architectural environment: the cities of Foligno and Norcia (Umbria, Italy).


On the afternoon of April 17th, the workshop will be focused on the presentation of the project outcomes and on the main ”technology enablers” of UMOBILE. In the morning of April 18th, an outdoor demonstration, in Norcia, will show how the UMOBILE outcomes can benefit in a Civil Protection scenario.


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Civil Protection Umbria (Italy)

The Civil Protection headquarters of Umbria Region (Foligno - Italy)


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