The Athena Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies was founded in 2003 comprising of three previously existing and two new institutes. It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (General Secretariat for Research and Technology). It is based in Athens, with its Institutes located in Athens, Patra and Xanthi. It promotes innovative information, communication, environmental and knowledge technologies in the all scientific and engineering sectors. To this end, it promotes scientific and technological research in the above-mentioned sectors. The Unit of Environmental and Networking Technologies and Applications (ENTA), at ATHENA-RIC in Xanthi is dedicated to promoting fundamental and applied research in all aspects of the contemporary environmental and networking problems, such as climate change and space networking.

Role in UMOBILE project

In WP2, ATHENA will contribute to the definition of system and network requirements from the perspective of delay-tolerant networking and utilize its experience in providing less-than-best-effort to users for the definition of user requirements. ATHENA will be leading WP3, working on the definition of the architectural framework of Bundle Protocol (BP) within UMOBILE platform by building the required convergence layers for underlying protocols and contributing to the development of the smart routing mechanism. In WP4, ATHENA will also use their experience on data dissemination over DTN towards achieving the dissemination of local knowledge and the provisioning of multiple levels of QoS. As part of UMOBILE evaluation in WP5, ATHENA will perform simulations (using Opportunistic Network Environment simulator and NS-2 DTN agent), emulations and will participate in the field trials of UMOBILE platform. Finally, ATHENA will contribute to scientific exploitation and incorporation into education by undertake the responsibility to participate in conference keynotes and related panels, adopt UMOBILE results in academic courses and participate in (pre-)standardisation committees such as CCSDS and GAIA.


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