The TEKEVER Autonomous System (TAS) an OEM UxV Platforms manufacturer and UAV and UGV system providers. With experience for the security, aerospace, civilian and commercial market. TAS was found in 2007 as a spin-off of the TEKEVER Group activities in the robotic market and, as part of TEKEVER Group, TAS jointly explore and benefits from the group implementation worldwide, Europe (PT and UK), SW Asia, the United States and Brazil. TAS activity is product-driven and significant investment is dedicated to research activities leading to innovative technologies, in different fields, from flight control, automatic planning to image processing, analysis and image features tracking, including robots move by camera. TAS targets its market in close collaboration with our customers and establishing important partnerships to bring our technology to a mature operating level and technological readiness driven by the market needs.

TEKEVER AS inhered significant experience our group from past collaborative research projects in (FP7, ESA, EDA). Moreover, since its spin-off TAS has participated in some TEKEVER group project, including numerous European projects involving rich consortia. Relevant project with TAS participation is the projects “AUTOLAND” (UAV Automatic Landing System on moving platform), or project “REMAR”, where UAV’s are used to provide ad-hoc network connectivity to ground systems in unprepared environment. TAS has also been developing field expertise with our costumers and with other companies within the chain-value of the market to exploit of UxV’s in performing operations in real context environment supporting our R&D activities. Moreover, TAS personnel are involved in several PT civil organization networks addressing the problematic of UAV’s integration in the market, contributing to the development of standards, like EUROCAE. TAS is also a member and leading company of the R&D work group of the Portuguese FEEM organization a hipercluster organization for the Economical Sustainable Sea Exploitation that aggregates industry, Research centers, universities and governmental institutions acting in different sectors, from fishing to production, security, energy, biology and naval.

Role in UMOBILE project

TEKEVER AS main involvement will be in WP5, in the validation and testing of UMOBILE prototypes. In addition to defining the validation exercises and associated KPI to be measured, integrating UMOBILE enabled radios on unmanned aerial platforms, providing, operating and deploying these platforms in validation exercises as backhaul add-ons and data mules, TEKEVER AS will also contribute to the definition of deployability requirements for UMOBILE system (technical, regulatory and operational) and will participate in the development of convergence layers with applicability in aerial platforms among others in WP3.


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