FON Technology is a company founded in 2006 by CEO, entrepreneur and Internet pioneer Martin Varsavsky with the goal of blanketing the world Wi-Fi that is free for everyone. Even though it is an SME, it has more than 13 million hotspots in more than 170 countries across the globe and partnerships with world’s leading Telcos. This makes FON Technology the world’s largest Wi-Fi network. In addition to operate its WiFi network, FON Technology develops its own technology (access points and service platform).

FON Technology's network usage has evolved from laptops to mobile devices (including game consoles) in the last few years. FON Technology has had to integrate its network with heterogeneous networks and operators (both fixed and mobile), acquiring a very valuable expertise and building effective, low cost and seamless networks. This knowledge has allowed FON Technology to develop and implement mechanisms, which ensure best user experience, into its technology.

Role in UMOBILE project

FON Technology role in UMOBILE project lies on providing expertise as WiFi network operator. FON Technology will collaborate in several WPs of UMOBILE project, being its mayor contributions allocated for WP2 and WP5. In WP2, FON Technology will participate in the definition of user requirements, system and network requirements and system deployability design in order to ensure an appropriate integration of the UMOBILE platform into FON Technology Wi-Fi network. Regarding WP5, FON Technology will lead the work package and, in particular, the definition of the validation setup and deployment trial activities. FON Technology will also contribute in the preparation of the proof of concept that will be used during the validation tasks. Finally, in WP6, FON Technology will also lead with the exploitation task, as a representative of the industrial partners.


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